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Beginning therapy can be over whelming! You may be feeling anxious, unsure, hopeless, lost, angry, and desperate...or maybe hopeful, excited, motivated, and curious! Here's what you can expect:

Psychologist Session

First Appointment

The main focus is on getting to know one another, and creating a mutual understanding about the goals for our work together.


We will talk about your present concerns, the changes you want to see happen, and your history as it relates to the problem. The first appointment will last approximately one hour.

Forest Trees

Regular Sessions

 It is my expectation that clients be active participants in their treatment. I embrace the belief that I am responsible for the process, you are responsible for the outcome.


This means working hard between appointments and coming prepared to discuss your progress towards your stated goals.


When and how does treatment end?

From the outset of treatment, we will talk about how you will know when our work is at its end.  When you have reached your goals, and feel better about your relationship or life we will have a conversation about where to go next. Some people refocus treatment on new goals, some decrease the frequency of appointments, while others step away from therapy.

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